The unique properties of Nitinol can present daunting challenges.  The Nitinol experts at NDC can help you properly specify the material best suited for your application demands.

As the highest-volume supplier of Nitinol materials for medical device and industrial applications worldwide, NDC has proven time and again that it is the premier vendor for all Nitinol applications.

Medical grade Nitinol alloys from NDC are among the purest available, with the lowest carbon content in the industry.  Our materials are produced with some of the tightest tolerances obtainable.

NDC offers a range of superelastic and shape memory alloys that conform to all ASTM standards and are offered in the following forms and size ranges:

NDC is the highest volume supplier of Nitinol wire, tube, and sheet for medical device and industrial applications.

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Contact us to find out more about our new Continuous Sheet Nitinol—the first in the industry!  It’s now available for all your high volume, stamping, laser cutting, and etching needs.

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